This is your Yearbook! You get to choose a yearbook photo that best reflects your personality, but we ask you follow a few guidelines.

To maintain a sense of decorum, we ask all students and staff to apply common sense rules when choosing their Yearbook picture; such as appropriate background, follows dress code, does not show weapons, offensive gestures or illegal substances, etc…

Check the full list of rules and guidelines below! ⬇️


1. First and foremost, smile bright and have good lighting!

2. Photo must show the head and shoulders. Think passport or driver’s license style.

3. The photo must be of the student or staff member and no one else. No photo-bombing or group selfies.

4. Remove sunglasses, hats and anything else that obstructs the view of the face.

5. The head must face the camera directly with the full face in view, centered in the frame. Your face should take up about 60% of your yearbook photo. No side profile selfies.

6. No backlit lighting from windows or lights. Take photo in well-lit space.

7. Do not use blurry or unclear pictures.

8. It’s best to choose an uncluttered background that is free from distractions.  

9. Protect your privacy, and that of others: Do not use certificate, formal document photos, or pictures that display personal contact information. This includes, but is not limited to, driver’s licenses, passports, government-issued ID’s, phone numbers and home addresses. Double-check the photos before posting, including the background, for identifying information. Ex. phone number, address, etc.

10. Submit a high quality color or black-and-white image.

11. Keep it classy! You must be fully clothed and avoid any offensive clothing.

12.  No hand signs or gestures.

13. Make sure hair is groomed and not covering face.

14. No captions or text on the photo.

15. This is your time to shine! Do not post photos of other people.

16. No cartoonish filters! While we appreciate self-expression, fun, and art, we ask that you refrain from adding cartoon-like filters to your photo.

17. Absolutely no memes.

18. No ads! At Yearly, we appreciate our users who run various businesses. However, we do not allow advertising of other services on our site. As such, we do not allow business, brand logos for profile photos or copyrighted photos for submission.

19. Take the picture as a vertical image. No square or horizontal photos.

20. Last but not least, Yearly has the right to remove pictures that are not appropriate for a class yearbook setting.


Below are some examples of acceptable yearbook photos. 




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