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With Yearly students can connect and create lasting memories from anywhere, at anytime.

We keep up with all of your school memories and help you create new ones!

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Obligatory fine print. Nothing to see here. It’s simple. Registering your school takes 3 minutes. No commitment. No Contract. Just simple, community building fun. Click below to sign-up your school.

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Lets be honest. Paper yearbooks are big, bulky and obsolete. Yearly lets you take your school memories with you EVERYWHERE! Memories are never lost because they are stored safely in the cloud. It’s time to update your yearbook!

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It only took us a few short minutes to sign up our school. Thank you to the Yearly team for all your help and support! Within 48 hours our alumni group was creating profiles and connecting with our fellow classmates. The platform is so easy and fun to use!


University of Memphis alumni

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